Measure, monitor, analyze, and optimize security operations

Data Management Platform

Our Data Management Platform provides a concise overview of every security lane’s performance, the overall checkpoint performance and insights into what is about to happen in the near future.

These actionable insights enable operational staff and managers to take direct and informed decisions, ensuring optimal performance for smooth security operations.

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Granular data driven

We make previously “invisible“ performance, visible. GRASP measures checkpoint utilization on:





Total checkpoint solution

Leverage our comprehensive checkpoint solution, integrating operational data with local airport insights. From WTMDs, CTs, other lane data to staff planning, our platform connects the dots, predicting long-term improvements.

Gain invaluable insights to optimize security operations, enhance efficiency, and maximize checkpoint performance.

Data integrations

Enriching the operational checkpoint data with data from the airport such as: boarding card data, flight schedules, staff planning and queueing data. Connect missing dots and predict potential long-term improvements. This allows us to optimize security operations, improve efficiency and ensure that the checkpoint performs at its max.

Improved insights

Data driven decision-making

Real-time monitoring

Higher throughput

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“Unveiling the correlation between a high divest occupancy and enhanced throughput”


Measure, monitor, analyze, and optimize security operations: discover the dynamic capabilities of our data management platform.

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