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      We use data-driven technology to create real-time tools for airport operators. Our adaptive approach aligns with your KPIs and scales to meet changing demands.


      Our smart technologies enable proactive problem-solving for security professionals, ensuring seamless operations based on human presence data.


      Our hospitality solutions balance guest satisfaction with resource optimization by enabling personalized service while maximizing efficiency.

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We optimize security throughput by tracking individual presence during the entire security process and load balance people over the lanes and divest areas. With this data providing supervisors with real-time insights to discover bottlenecks and immediately improve the use of infrastructure and resources.


Making the entire security checkpoint perform at its max with less workforce and without compromising security efficacy and passenger satisfaction. Regardless of the situation.

The benefits


More passengers
per security agent

Optimized use
of resources

waiting time

decision making

Cost reduction

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How it works

The base of our checkpoint solution are IR-UWB radars installed in every security lane, these radars measure individual presence and provide unprecedented granular data. This data is transformed and potentially enriched by data sources from an airport or security company. Resulting in an end-to-end data management solution for security checkpoints. Supervisors are provided with tools to make informed decisions during the day and management can effectively manage and improve security as a whole.

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Quick decision making with Live View Monitoring

Our dashboard provides a concise overview of each security lane’s performance, the overall checkpoint performance and insight in what is about to happen. This actionable information enables supervisors and managers to take direct and informed decisions. To ensure optimal performance for smooth security operations.

Optimizing Efficiency through Analysis of Airport Data

Enriching the operational checkpoint data with data from the airport such as: boarding card data, flight schedules, staff planning and queueing data. Connect missing dots and predict potential long-term improvements. This allows us to optimize security operations, improve efficiency and ensure that the checkpoint performs at it max.


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